A Valentine's Day Gift Guide That Doesn't Suck

If you woke up with a sense of fear creeping into your brain, it’s probably because, yup, it’s Valentine’s Day shopping time again. As we’ve said before, the days of gifting chocolates and a card are long gone. It’s time to think outside the box, and lock in something special and unique that’s really going to impress.  Get ready to be a hero.

For The Fashionista:
Literally Anything From Jo Malone - We've talked about the merits of the lovely wares from Jo Malone before but we'll say it again, just do it. If you've got one stop (even a gift card if you're desperate!), this should probably be it. The ladies in the office couldn't stop raving about everything from this brand from the perfume to the candles.

For The Flower Gal:
A Terrarium or Succulent Kit From Terrain - At this point, a bouquet of flowers is pretty old school, and you’re better than that. For a similar vibe try a unique plant-inspired gift from Terrain that’s not only cool but going to last a hell of a lot longer than a wilting pile of daisies.

For The Perfume Gal:
A Perfume Subscription from Scent Bird - Scent Bird will send out a 30-day supply of perfume every month from some of the top luxury brands, including Burberry, Coach and Dolce & Gabbana. This service will allow her to try a scent for a short period before investing in a full-size bottle at department stores. If your girl is a perfume lover, this subscription perfume plan was made for her.

For The Spa Fan:
In-Home Massage From Zeel or Soothe - Just like Uber, these simple, easy-to-use apps use geolocation tech to bring the massage right to your doorstep. A few quick swipes and you and/or your significant other will be on the road to relaxation in no time. Plus, for the procrastinators out there (we see you) Zeel even offers same-day booking capabilities.

For The Foodie:
A box of chocolate is obviously awesome but she’s gotten a box of See’s candies a million times before. It’s too cliche and you’re better than that. This year, do it the right way with some fancy chocolate treats from VogesMast Brothers, or Sugarfina. All have a variety of luxurious, delicious and original treats that will blow everything else out of the water.

For The Beauty Products Maven:
The luxury bath goods from Lush came highly recommended by the ladies at Unhemmed, plus we all know girls love fancy bath stuff. The win for you? Not only are the goods exceptionally high-quality and very affordable, but they feature pre-wrapped gift selections that make the shopping easy and hassle-free. Lush also has retail stores around the country. Oh, and any excuse to get in the bath is probably a win too.


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