Why You Need A Pair Of Vans In Your Closet

It’s pretty wild to think that a brand that was started in 1966 is still as cool and relevant as it has ever been, but the shoe brand that birthed the style and culture of skateboarding in SoCal way back then definitely still has it.  Maybe it’s because of their clean, simple style or their wallet-friendly cool, but a pair of Vans is an absolute casual essential these days (whether you can shred a pool, or not).

The first Vans were originally created purely as functional footwear for the world’s first skaters but then, as the culture and style grew, so did their importance.  Now the right pair of Vans is just as much of a style statement as it is something you need as a skater.  There’s a reason they’ve been embraced by everyone in the style set from streetwear gods to celebrities to high-end designers for collabs, classic style always endures. 

The awesome thing about Vans is that whether you’re rocking their legendary canvas slip-on or the skate-influenced styles of the Old Skool and Sk8 Hi, the simple silhouettes work with pretty much everything in your closet (even a suit if you really want to pull off a black belt-level style move).  Plus, at just $50 - $70 (depending on style) it’s the kind of inexpensive addition you can make to your shoe rotation on the regular and really get some killer bang-for-the-buck.

So, for us, Vans are more than just the go-to casual sneaker for summer, they’re a 12-month-a-year essential.  Even if the future skateboards does eventually turn into hoverboards, there will always be a place for a pair of Vans.

The Essential Vans You Need:

The OG Slip-On - Is there a more comfortable, easier to wear sneaker?  Doubt it.  Basic colors work best but our favorites are black canvas and the classic checkerboard.  Wear ‘em with literally everything.

The Authentic - There’s a reason it’s on our list of the Top 5 Sneakers of All Time, it’s the best canvas lace up ever made and continues to kill it.  Make a clean navy pair your summer essential this year and wear ‘em with chinos, shorts, and denim from the beach to the bar.

The Sk8 Hi - Yeah, high tops are definitely back but Vans does it best with the retro vibes of the black/white or navy/white.  The perfect match with all your denim.