Be The Best-Dressed Guest At Your Next Wedding

Letterpressed invitations are mounting on everyone's social calendar as we move into prime wedding season this summer. But dressing for summer weddings can be a challenge: you probably shouldn’t wear that stylish new tux to your friend's beach wedding and a seersucker suit worn to a black tie affair doesn’t seem right. Let’s try and make sense of it all shall we?

The City Wedding
For a city wedding, keep your suit choice modern and fashionable, feel free to dress to the nines if you like. Time of day will be a big determining factor here, the later in the day, the darker color you should consider. So, for daytime weddings feel free to go with lighter colors like khaki, medium blue or light gray and in fabrics like cotton or all-season wool. For evening or night time options, keep your color spectrum darker (navy, gray, and charcoal) and stick to something in wool unless it is the height of summer. Freshen up a bit with shoes and accessories here; your shirt should be classic in crisp white or pale blue and don’t be afraid to mix it up and add a pop of color with your tie and pocket square choices. Finish with a smartly polished leather lace-up shoe or double monk if you’re feeling extra dapper.

The Countryside Wedding
For the countryside, and most likely a daytime or afternoon wedding, a pale gray or tan suit is the ticket. Keep it simple here, limited options leave limited chance for mistakes. Depending on the location of the venue, something rustic or outdoorsy offers an opportunity to more liberal with the material of your suit. Cotton or linen works well and can be more softly structured than your go-to 9-to-5 business suit. When deciding upon a shirt, don’t be afraid of a small-scaled patterned such as gingham or floral. Shoes should be neutral and not necessarily as formal as your city wedding fit, a brogue or loafer works well here.

The Beach Wedding
Surely if someone is getting married on the beach, anything goes...? Sorry Uncle Rick, that floral shirt and shorts combo isn’t going to cut it, there are still some basic guidelines to consider. We are going to allow some creative freedom with this one though. Taking into consideration hot temperatures and the informal setting, your best bet is to bring out the linen or opt for an unlined suit in breathable cotton for a more casual and comfortable option. You can also opt for a blazer and chino combination or mix the jacket and pants. Feel free to ditch the tie and opt for a sockless loafer or top-sider footwear option for a more laid-back look.

One final tip...when in doubt, we encourage you to follow the groom’s example, a wedding is the one occasion you are allowed to be the second best dressed in the room. If the wedding dress code seems confusing play follow the leader with the wedding party. If the groom is wearing something more casual, you should too! For more tips on deciphering that dress code, make sure and check out our feature “Decoding the Dress Code”.

With these wedding style tips mastered, there’s no doubt you’ll be looking dapper and dialed-in as you hit the open bar and then the dancefloor. Play like a champion out there, it’s wedding season!