What To Stream In May

It’s that time of the month again: to find out what’s worth streaming and posting up on the couch with this month. The May’s highlights have some great original programing and a James Bond-nanza (sorry, we had to). Here's what you should tune into on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu in May.


To Catch a Thief – May 1st
Get some old Hollywood in your life with this Alfred Hitchcock film about jewel-thief-turned-grape-farmer John Robie who is forced to go on the run when a copycat strikes. Robie then sets out to catch the new burglar in town and prove that he’s innocent. This throwback stars Cary Grant, who is remembered as much for his style game as his acting, and Grace Kelly. It’s always nice to see Hitchcock’s mind at work and remember what films without CGI look like.

Marseille - May 5th
Yes it’s French but stay with us, it’s going to be awesome. French acting OG Gerard Depardieu stars in this thriller that’s a combination of House of Cards and Billions, with a dash of crime drama thrown in. If you’re in the market for some suspense and intrigue with a foreign flavor, this one’s worth a watch.

The Last Man on the Moon – May 26th
Netflix’s strongest collection is probably its documentaries, so definitely add The Last Man on the Moon to your watch list. It racked up a ton of international festival awards last year. It tells the story of now 82-year-old Eugene Cernan, whom the title literally describes; he went to space in December of 1972 in NASA’s final moon mission. With accompanying archival clips, Cernan narrates his own story here, from his days as a naval aviator to the Apollo 17 landing to what his life was like when he got back.

Bloodline, Season 2 – May 27th
Bloodline is probably the one Netflix original series that didn’t catch immediate fire but it’s under-the-radar status paid off, it’s excellent. This severely underappreciated gem follows the disastrous Rayburns, a family with more secrets than all the sand in the Florida Keys, where they run a hotel. Everyone manages to keep the issues under control, until family fuck-up Danny comes to town to celebrate the hotel’s 45th anniversary and the dedication of a pier to the Rayburn parents. Spoiler alert: no one is happy to see him and for good reason. Season one told an incredible story that really didn’t need a follow-up, but it did end on a pretty big cliffhanger that would’ve been too hard to let go of without knowing what happened next. This slow-burning drama stars everyone’s favorite TV football coach from Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler.

Chef’s Table Season 2 - May 27th
A must-watch for food and restaurant enthusiasts (sorry, we refuse to use the word foodie), this fascinating documentary series dives deep into the restaurant world and embeds with some of the world’s most creative, innovative, and dedicated chefs. Part documentary, part love letter to food, definitely don’t watch this one on an empty stomach.


99 Homes – May 9th
Whether you lived through it or not, this critically-acclaimed film is set amid the intense and life-changing housing crash of the mid-late 2000's, is a powerhouse. Starring the always intense and amazing Michael Shannon as a ruthless real estate broker and former Spiderman Andrew Garfield as his reluctant assistant. Definitely a must-watch if you loved The Big Short.

Creative Control – May 12th
This Amazon original examines our relationship with technology. It’s about an ad executive who is developing a campaign for Augmented Reality glasses. Bored in his own relationship and wanting to test out the pair of ARs he has, he decides to do something completely normal: create an avatar of his friend’s girlfriend and have an affair with her. Welcome to the future.

Banshee, Season 2 – May 21st
Banshee is one of those TV shows that no explanation can really do justice and it’s really a shame that Cinemax is ending it this year. It’s about a thief who, after spending fifteen years in prison, comes to Banshee County in Amish country to track down his former love and literal partner in crime. A series of events lets him assume the identity of the sheriff. It’s gratuitously violent – people tend to die creatively (think Kill Bill) – but it’s probably better than anything you’ve watched in awhile.

Mr. Show with Bob and David Seasons 1-4 - May 21st
The much-loved cult comedy series finally comes to streaming on Amazon this month. Featuring the irreverent comedic stylings of Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul) and David Cross (Tobias Funke, Arrested Development) and many other cameos, this show was far, far ahead of it’s time. It’s weird combination of sketches and dry humor are second-to-none and it’s influence can be felt all over comedy movies and shows these days.


Goldfinger – May 1st
To this day, Goldfinger is considered one of the best James Bond films. In this one, he’s up against smuggler Auric Goldfinger who plans to make the gold at Fort Knox worthless by contaminating it with cobalt and iodine. This was Sean Connery’s third time in the role, and probably the first time someone wore a suit underneath a wetsuit. Goldfinger marked the beginning of Bond’s use of innovative tech, and also somehow got away with naming a character Pussy Galore.

You Only Live Twice – May 1st
Renowned children’s book author Roald Dahl wrote the script to You Only Live Twice, which has Connery’s Bond in Japan during the Cold War after a spacecraft disappears. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of SPECTRE, is the villain here—appearing in six other Bond films, too, including last year’s Spectre—and was also the inspiration for Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil.

Die Another Day – May 1st
Die Another Day is from the Pierce Brosnan era of Bond and widely considered his best. In this one, Bond does time in a North Korean prison after he’s betrayed during a mission. He then, in true Bond fashion, sets out to find the traitor. Halle Berry stars as Jinx and gets to pay homage to fellow Bond girl Ursula Andress and her famous beach scene by emerging from the water just like she did in a two-piece swimsuit and a knife at her side. Not to be outdone, there's an invisible Aston Martin and a rediculously awesome chase scene over the frozen tundra, so yeah, fire up the popcorn.

The Dude Perfect Show - May 5th
The Youtube phenoms make their big show debut with this new series on Hulu. Chances are you’re probably already a fan but, if not, get ready for a killer mix of humor, pranks, sports, and challenges, all rolled up into a non-stop action fest.

Angie Tribeca Season 1- May 7th
Like a more absurd and ridiculous version of Brooklyn Nine Nine (Is that even possible?) this hilarious series stars the funny and gorgeous Rashida Jones as cop Angie Tribeca in this ridiculous send up of old school slapstick comedies like Airplane! And Police Squad.

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