What To Wear On Thanksgiving Day

As tempting as it may be to roll up to the house in your freshest pair of Walmart sweats and baggiest t-shirt in preparation to eat until it hurts, you owe it to yourself (and probably your parents) to come correct with a bit of style on Turkey Day. Certainly there’s going to be some lounging, plenty of drinking, and definitely a lot of eating, so we’re not advocating stunting on your uncle in a shawl collar tux, but you can find the right balance between style and comfort. Saddle up for stuffing, let’s do this.

Since there are potentially a range of different situations in front of you, from a large, formal affair to something more casual, to potentially being with a significant other’s family, we’re going to give you some options at different levels of formality.


The Look: Blazer, dress shirt, chinos, loafers or chelsea boots

Maybe you’re going to a large family gathering or a nicer dinner with friends, obviously you want to impress in the right way, without trying too hard or being uncomfortable. A blazer and chinos combo is just the right balance of dressy and flexible, and putting on a jacket let’s ‘em know you mean business. You can always lose the jacket if you want to dress down or take it one step further and throw on a knit tie for some extra flash.


The Look: Zip-up or half-zip sweater, chinos or dress pants, oxford, loafers

The perfect middle ground in formality, this look is as versatile as it is comfortable. A clean, sharp sweater is the anchor and is perfect for the season, and a classic button down collar oxford keeps it relaxed. You can swap out your pant choice depending on how dress you want to get, from denim all the way up to dress pants. Finish with a loafer that both looks sharp and is easy to slip off as you post up for a post-dinner cocktail.


The Look: Crewneck sweater, t-shirt or button up, denim, sneakers or boots

Perfect if your family gatherings are casual or you’re hitting up a relaxed Friendsgiving, cleaned up casual is what we’re after here. Layering on a crewneck sweater adds just a bit of polish that will make your Mom happy (or impress a date), and well-fitting denim is perfect for your lower half. Warm up with a navy or charcoal peacoat or bomber jacket if your neck of the woods is feeling a bit of chill.

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