Why You Should Be Wearing A Blazer

No longer just an every-now-and-again sort of thing, the blazer has become the cornerstone of stylish man’s wardrobe. It’s been on the backs of the most dapper of gentlemen for decades and has been able to withstand the ever-changing tides of style for generations. Real talk, if you’re thinking that the blazer isn’t your type of thing, then think again. On the same level as a crisp pair of indigo denim, a sharp white oxford, and a classic navy or charcoal suit, a go-to blazer (or, ahem, blazers) is every bit as essential as anything in your wardrobe.

Now if what comes to mind when you hear the word blazer is that stodgy, prep school navy sack blazer with gold buttons and an embroidered crest, then it is time to start rethinking your mindset. The game has been updated and you can now own (and easily put to use) many versatile options for just about every day of the week. Modern blazers are cut slimmer and combine features commonly seen in suit jackets, but with a more relaxed, casual feel. Details like casual patch pockets, stitching details, and a variety of shoulder structures, when combined with a myriad of fabric options from tweeds to herringbones, to cotton chinos, create options and levels of formality that are endless. So as we said earlier, if country club vibes are all you think when you hear the word “blazer”, it’s time to get with the program.

When it comes to blazers, the days of being able to only wear it with a pair of khaki chinos are very long gone. These days, you should rock a blazer with everything from a pair of dark washed denim to a nicely tailored pair of slacks. Blazers are completely versatile and when styled properly will carry you from the office to dinner followed by the bar. If you’re new to the blazer club it’s best to pair your piece with darkly-colored items, this will allow you to feel comfortable in any situation, from early morning meetings to the late night drinks. Blazers have a unique ability to keep you looking nicely dressed even when you’re not in the mood to wear a full suit. You’d be surprised how they are able to easily transition to and from any environment or occasion. Date? Yup. Wedding? You better believe it. 3-on-3 pick up hoops? Well, maybe not. In the end, the great thing about an essential wardrobe item like a blazer is that they make getting dressed extremely easy. Whether it’s a first date, drinks with the boys, or dinner with your boss, that sharp blazer will never appear out-of-place.

A final note on fit, the number one rule to pulling off a blazer is that the jacket should always be tailored to your body type. Make sure the jacket length, sleeve length and silhouette are dialed in, just because it’s a more casual item doesn’t mean a blazer deserves less of your attention in terms of tailoring and fit.

As we’ve noted, it’s high time every man of style owns a great blazer (or two or three) regardless of your age, occupation, or personal style. Start wearing with simple looks and eventually it will become a standout MVP in your style rotation. Simply put, the blazer belongs in your closet.

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