WTF is New York Fashion Week All About?

New York Fashion Week Men's wrapped up last with with its latest round of collections. We hit the shows, sifted through the looks, digested the trends and rounded up our favorite highlights from all the best shows. Before that though, we thought it might be a good move to give you a bit of background on what this crazy week is all about, and, more importantly, why the hell you should care.

Maybe all this fashion week business is news to you or maybe you've heard your girlfriend, wife, or that super stylish chick at the office exclaiming excitedly like Christmas morning. Maybe to you it's an oddity to be observed from afar like a preposterously large mole on an otherwise beautiful person’s face. If you live in NYC you've probably had to deal with the increased traffic, long Uber wait times, and bros walking around wearing rediculous shit. (Ok, maybe that's all the time in NYC. The parties are legit though.) Perhaps though, as a stylish gentleman you’d like to learn more about where style is headed these days. Well fear not, we'll break down the shows in simple terms with some of this year’s biggest trends and hits.

For the uninitiated, Fashion Week brings designers and labels together for fashion shows that highlight their upcoming trends and designs. Additionally, last year was the first year menswear split off and got it's own Fashion Week separate from the ladies. From huge labels like John Varvatos, Polo, and Tommy Hilfiger, to smaller up and coming designers, everyone is there to show off their goods and put on a runway show. The designs and styling shown are typically far more avant garde, dramatic, and, let's face it, legit crazy (we see you Thom Browne), than what will actually show up on the racks and in the stores. The shows give the designers and creative directors a stage to showcase their creativity and vision for their respective brands. Think of it kind of like the Detroit Auto Show, all the car manufacturers bring their crazy designs and futuristic concept cars for the press and public to view. Certainly those exact cars won’t make it to the showrooms but elements of the designs will show up in the next year’s models and inform the trends, styles, and vibes of future models.

From a business perspective, the shows serve two purposes. One, as a crazy, creative pitch deck for brands to showcase their upcooming collections to retail buyers, investors, and press outlets. Secondly, it's a chance for brands and designers to generate PR, establish their creaative direction and trends, and make waves within the community.

And to the "Why the hell should I care?" Well, there's no simple answer. Ultimately the shows are about expressions of creativity and pushing the limits of design. They are also about laying the groundwork for what's at the forefront of trends and design. Like innovation and brainstorming drives creativity and technology in the start up world, Fashion Weeks contribute to what we're wearing and appreciating for years to come. So, if you're on your own style journey and looking to dive into the deep end, here's the pool.

For all the inside details on our favorite shows, looks, and trends from the week, join the's our recap of days 1 and 2 and our recap of days 3 and 4.

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