Your 2016 Style Resolutions

From the time we first experience the light of day, to the moment we draw our last breath, men will always be in a dogged pursuit to find resolve. Whether it’s about your career, a relationship or even which pair of shoes to wear with that blue, double-breasted suit (hint: it’s the brown suede monkstraps), we’ll always have to make choices that need be abided by. So, in an attempt to help you in your quest to achieve sartorial decisiveness, we’ve compiled this list of style resolutions that both easy to follow and maintain well into 2016.

The Power Of The Classics
A crisp (preferably white), cotton oxford shirt, a pair of polished, black cap-toe shoes, an elegant navy suit, these are a few of the “old stand bys” that always have a place in a stylish man’s wardrobe. Taking stock in the never-fail, tried-and-true style options will not only let you mix and match with everything in your wardrobe, but it will help anchor your look, whether in the office or out on the town.

Pro Tip: The white, cotton oxford shirt is the king of all classics. Start with one (or two), and be sure to launder them with care. They only get better with age.

Find The Right Groove
The problem that a lot of men have with taking more stock in their wardrobes is that it can be intimidating. Starting off small--like adding a new tie to your office attire, or switching out some brogues for a pair of monk straps--can be just the push you need to upgrade your look without feeling overwhelmed.

Pro Tip: No matter if it’s dressing better or choosing to workout again after a two-year hiatus, forming good habits comes better to those who start off small, working their way up over time.

Make A Statement...Within Reason
A statement piece serves as a singular element of your wardrobe meant to enhance certain looks. For example, swap out a basic, navy blazer for something with a little more personality, like hunter green windowpane or a sharp, burgundy. Looking for a midweek pick me up? Give that double breasted suit or glen plaid three piece a day at the office. Although this sentiment can be used on almost any aspect your wardrobe: avoid piling on too many statement pieces at once.

Pro Tip: Remember that the best statement pieces are both bold and stylish. Make wise choices and wear with confidence, the results will be tremendous.

Buck The Trends
For the new year--and every year after that, frankly--spend less time trying to keep up with what celebrities, and other people who look nothing like you, are wearing in magazines and on red carpets. Sure, try new things, experiment, seek out inspiration and really dive into creating your own personal style. But at a certain point, ditch following and bandwagoning every single microtrend. Times, as they say, are a-changin’.

Pro Tip: Current fashion trends are fleeting, a concrete and unique style aesthetic is far more long-lasting.

Give Your Closet Some Attention
Just like the other facets of your life, your closet should also be something for reconsideration, thought, and organization. Sure I know, I know; it's scary, overwhelming, and possibly even emotionally torturous, but let's face it, it needs to be done. Just imagine the sense of renewal, lightness, and clarity that will come with a clean, organized, and most importantly, well-edited closet and wardrobe.

Pro Tip: Ditch and store with a critical eye. Get rid of or donate as much as you can and store with care using proper bags and hangers.

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to learn that second language anytime soon, and maybe the “dadbod” look isn’t really that bad, right? These style resolutions, though, are simple and straightforward enough to adopt with minimal effort. Take advantage.

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